Dating, by itself, is an exhausting process. It involves a great deal of time, money and emotional investment that ultimately ends in one of two ways; marriage or breakup.

For this reason, some people prefer dating an escort to dating a normal woman. While this decision will likely be frowned upon, maybe they are on to something. We interviewed several agent-based Chennai escorts and Independent Chennai Escorts to determine the reasons behind dating a “paid” woman as opposed to a “free” one. It turns out there are several very legitimate ways in which an escort has one over a normal woman. Here are some of them.

The normal woman is not invested in your pleasure. A typical woman has little interest in your satisfaction. On the other hand, the escort’s sole purpose is to ensure your time with her is all about your pleasure. Dating a normal woman forces you to be interested in what she wants and not just what you want.

The typical woman has friends and family that you have to interact with. Dating a normal woman is basically a series of activities that you could not care less about but have to invest time and attention into. She has family that you have to endeavor to impress and friends who you have to hang out with and make an effort to connect with. Escorts have none of these, your time together is centered on making a warm satisfying human connection.

Dating a normal woman is not a guarantee that you will get some. Typical women are complicated compared to escorts. When dating a normal woman, there is no way of knowing how the date will end. With an escort, though, despite the events of the day, you know where the evening will lead.

A normal woman will ask you for favors. Whether it be moving her couch, cleaning the gutters or helping her clear out the garage, these are activities you will be obligated to participate in; your schedule notwithstanding. An escort never needs help with menial tasks, she only appears when you need her to do exactly what you want.

Typical women have off days. Off days, in this case, is an umbrella term for bad hair days, sick days, and just plain bad-mood days. These are all days that you still have to show up for your woman and be supportive. No matter how attractive your normal girlfriend is, there will be days she will be in less than flattering T-shirts and sweats. Escorts, on the flipside, are always on point. They are always well groomed and on top of their game. You never have to see your escort on her off-days.

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